Commercial property tax services

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Appeal Services

As property tax complexities increase, the effort to comply with various taxing jurisdictions can affect your profitability. Effective management and mitigation of commercial property tax are essential to optimize your investment returns and profit.
Our team of commercial property tax experts handles the filing of your appeal documents, prepares your cases, and represents you at both informal and formal administrative hearings or boards. We ensure every aspect of the appeal process is thoroughly covered to secure the maximum tax savings for you.

Assessment Reviews

Our specialists conduct detailed research and compile information to guarantee that your commercial real estate appraisal reflects the fair market value (FMV).

Budgets and Accruals

Our top property tax consultants and seasoned analysts partner with you to achieve your budget objectives for each property.

Pre-Acquisition and M&A Reports

Our team uses local market expertise to assess tax histories against current market dynamics to project future values and taxes for potential acquisitions.

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Property taxes are the largest expense for commercial property owners exclusive of debt service. Texas has one of the highest property tax burdens in the country. And with property values and tax rates continuing to rise significantly each year, aggressively appealing and reducing your annual property tax burden can hold down taxes and dramatically increase your net operating income (NOI).

The Texas Constitution mandates a system of property taxation that is equal and uniform. Unfortunately, the mass appraisal method used to develop property tax appraisals produces results that are anything but equal or uniform. This results in taxpayers paying far more than their fair share of property taxes – each year.

Property owners and businesses must have top experienced expert advocates in their corner to successfully appeal and manage their annual property tax liability.

NetTax’s property assessment models, in combination with our knowledge of the Texas property tax code and appraisal process, allow our team of experts the extra edge to effectively negotiate an equitable property tax assessment. NetTax has the resources and experience to handle each and every step of the appraisal process.